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The role of the police is to serve and protect. They are supposed to investigate crimes and take actions to prevent harm when possible. In addition to protecting the people, the police are also charged with protecting the Constitution and the rights it guarantees to each American. Most officers take these responsibilities seriously, serving their community and risking their lives for the good of the public. Other officers don't always act honorably. In the aftermath of police brutality or other unlawful police actions, there is a tendency for other officers and their superiors to band together to support their colleague. At T. Hess & Associates, LLC, I stand up to law enforcement officers, police departments and police organizations in the Cleveland area and throughout Ohio to protect your rights.

Determined attorney helps victims take action against police brutality

While the use of force is sometimes necessary to subdue a threat, some officers use excessive or unnecessary force when making an arrest. This occurs due to department policies, poor training or an officer's individual choice. Officers sometimes shoot, tase or beat suspects who pose no threat or little threat. While most police take the rights of the public seriously, others ignore the procedural safeguards put in place by the courts and the Constitution. When police abuse their power, I represent the victims in civil rights actions and personal injury lawsuits.

Accomplished lawyer pursues claims of rights violations by Ohio law enforcement

Violence isn't the only way police officers abuse their power. Some of the many types of rights violations by law enforcement officers include:

  • Planting evidence — Officers have been known to place illegal substances or weapons on or around a suspect's person in order to proceed with a search or arrest.
  • Illegal searches — Courts have created very specific procedures that officers must follow in order to conduct a search. Officers sometimes get away with unlawful searches because the public isn't fully aware of their rights.
  • Reckless mistakes — Officers have been known to violently storm the wrong house, injuring or killing people and pets inside. They may also use violence against the wrong person or a person they wrongfully assume to be armed.

My firm represents the public whenever their rights are violated by police or prosecutors.

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If you are the victim of police brutality or misconduct, seek the advice of T. Hess & Associates, LLC in Cleveland. I look forward to helping you pursue civil rights or personal injury claims in order to hold the police accountable for their actions. Contact me at 216-262-7405 or online to schedule a free consultation.